Friday, 23 December 2011


Hello Girls!! :) , Today I am going to review FA GLAMOUR COLLECTION – PINK PASSION DEODRANT which I have been using for more than 2 weeks now.

What the Product claims:
Fa Pink Passion - Discover a new feeling of glamorous beauty with the Fa Glamour Collection deosprays!

Fa Pink Passion - a fragrance from paradise like a short trip for your senses.

The long-lasting fresh fragrance, delicately combining fruity and floral notes, leads you into a new world and spreads a sense of paradise.
The Double-Active-Formula with Protectiva offers:
  •  Efficient 24h protection against body odour
  • Reliable long-lasting freshness
  • No white marks.
  • The mild formula protects and cares for the skin.
  • For Pink Passion deospray – like a short trip for your senses!
  • Skin-compatibility dermatologically confirmed.

Ingredients : 

Price : Rs.150/- for 170 ml

Direction to use :  Hold upright  15 cm from your underarm and spray. Use in short bursts.

Shelf Life: 2 Years from Date of Manufacture.

My Take on the Product:
I wanted a nice mild Deodorant so one fine day I went in search for one. There were innumerable options from which I chose this one finally as it smelled very mild and sweet. But when I got back home and started using it, I must say I was very upset with the staying power. It does leave a fresh feel on application, However the smell doesn’t last long. The fragrance is some what like floral but as I said its too mild to catch the exact smell. However, this one is a disappointment as the fragrance does not linger at least for half an hour.

Let me quickly list out the Pros & Cons

Pros :
·        A decent quantity,(170 ml) this bottle comes a long way.
·        Cute pink packaging that looks so girly :D
·        A mild fragrance, good for people with sensitive noses.
·        Doesn’t irritate your skin.
Cons :
 The 24 Hrs protection claim is just a hype as the freshness doesn’t last long not even an hour.

And this is how the spray nozzle looks like :
Overall, an okay-ish product with mild fragrance. 

Rating :  3/5.

Will I repurchase – No. I think I have better Deo’s that does a decent job of living up to the 24 Hrs freshness claim so might try those.

Love.. <3


  1. That's so bad! Not even half hr? Really bad staying power indeed! Thanks a ton dear! You saved my money, was thinking of going in for this variant!



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