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Today's review is on Biotique Bio Coconut - Skin Whitening & Brightening Cream


About the Company :

Biotique guarantees Ayurvedic remedies, 100% natural botanicals, no chemicals, no preservatives and no cruel animal testing. Biotique products give serious results and not cover ups. The products offer anti-ageing solutions, skin fairness & whitening, freedom from acne & blemishes, remedies for hair regrowth and  Detox & Destress products. Biotiques goes a step further and even makes the packaging eco-friendly and recyclable. 

What the Product Claims:

Quick Overview: Whitening & Brightening cream for all skin types.  

Details: This luxurious cream is blended with extracts of pure virgin coconut, dandelion and manjishtha to fade away dark spots and blemishes. With regular use, skin is noticeably fairer, smoother and brighter. 

How it works: It helps in lightening your skin, softens blemishes and takes away sun tan. With the Coconut Milk Cream, your skin is fairer and smoother. 

Best for: All skin types

How to use: Apply to cleansed face and neck. Gently massage into skin, concentrating on the areas to be lightened, morning and evening days throughout the week.

Key Ingredients: Nariyal (Coco nucefera water), Dudhal (Taraxcum officinale), Manjistha (Rubia Cord folia), Nimba kamla (Citrus limunum), Badam tail (Prunus amygdalus), Cream base Q.S.

Price: Rs.199/- for 50gms

Shelf Life: 3 Years from the Date of Manufacture.

My views on the Product:

This is the first time i am using anything from Biotique. Since it uses a complete Ayurvedic recipe, i went head a bought the Bio-coconut cream as it claims to lighten the blemishes and sun tan. It comes in a regular Biotique packaging, the green tub. The product has to be scooped out from the tub.It has a light milk & coconut fragrance to it, which is again not too strong.The texture is very light and creamy. It absorbs into the skin quickly.But if using more than required quantity it might leave a greasy feeling. Its ideally great for Normal to Dry skin. It might feel little heavy on oily skin. It definitely lightened the blemishes, but i noticed my skin to even out after applying it for almost 3-4 weeks. It definitely does a great job.

  •   I have noticed that my blemishes have lightened to an extent.
  •   My skin tone has definitely even-ed out.
  •   As I have a dry skin, this really nourishes my skin and keeps it hydrated.
  •   The texture is very creamy and a little goes a long way.
  •   My skin did not break out.
  •   Natural Ingredients that works great on skin.
  •   No strong fragrance, just a hint of coconut and milk.
  •   Decent quantity for the price its coming for.

  • The tub packaging could be un-hygenic and could be irritating for a few to dig the cream out especially when the product starts to finish up.
  • Though the product says "Best for All Skin Types", oily-skinned beauties could find this cream heavy.
  • Leaves a greasy feeling if applied more than required quantity.

Rating: 4/5

Overall i am pretty impressed with this and yes I am on my second tub :D

Totally recommended for Dry to Normal Skin!!!!!!


  1. This product made my skin look soo dull and made my skin greasy! :(

  2. @ manya.. aww.. do u have oily skin dear.. also it looks greasy when u apply it more....

  3. When I used this last year, I found it very difficult to spread unless my skin was already moisturized or damp. Have they changed the formulation now?

    1. oh!! i don't have much idea about the change in formulation!! will try to find it out!! :)

    2. Thanks dear. Even though it was a bit difficult to spread, I loved how my skin felt after using this! After reading your review, am tempted to go buy it again!! :D

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  5. I can see the glow right frm the very first application,,,its fantastic as a night cream,,

  6. very nice post. Great stuff. Nicely written & gives wonderful insight,




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