Thursday, 5 January 2012


Hi :)

Today I am going to write about my Coastal scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette. :D

Well i know i am the last person on this planet who is buying this Palatte!! :D Still, I AM SO MUCH IN LOVE WITH IT!!! As they say, Its never too late!! :)

Its an amazing eye shadow Palette with 88 beautiful shades. You will find different shades of Greens, Blues,Reds,Pinks, Browns and what not. I got this shimmer palette because i have few matte eye-shadows so i thought i will get this one instead.

Price: I got this during a sale with 40% Discount. So the total Price i paid for this Palette is around $20 - Including Shipping as i shared the shipping with few friends whom i met on IMBB.

It took almost 3 Weeks for the Palette to reach me. And Voila!! it reached without any Damages..!! :)

Ingredients :

Shelf Life: Actually i have no idea about this as its not mentioned anywhere. So i guess it could be 3 years. But the problem is i did not find any Manufacture Date as well.

My views on the Product:

Well i totally love it!! I loved the colors, i did not find them too shimmery but i guess these would be bit heavy for day time. Amazing pigmentation and staying power too. But my only concern is the fall out.So my advice is to do the rest of the face make-up after doing the eyes. Overall i am so excited and i was literally jumping for twenty mins when i was holding this for the first time.( over joy u see :P ). It comes in a nice sleek black case with a mirror inside it. It also has two sponge applicators which obviously do not help in a great way. So eye shadow brushes are a must.

  • Total value for money.
  • Beautiful color range.
  • Amazing pigmentation.
  • Nice Packaging.
  • Few shades are way more shimmery than the rest.
  • Has a noticeable fall out. 

Rating: 4/5

I totally totally recommend this. But for people who might not like these shimmery shadows can get the 88 Original Palette which has matte shades.


  1. very nice review!! though I like matte finish but will surely try this after reading ur review :)

  2. glad u liked it Ayanthika.. do try it out...

    and thanks for dropping by :)

  3. Nice review dear.
    And you're not the last person in this world who bought this. I was planning to get this for 6 months and still didn't get it. You know why because I don't use credit card. After seeing your palette am gonna get this for sure.

  4. do get it Vertu... u will surely love it!! and thanks for dropping by!! :)

  5. oooh nice review :) and have fun doing EOTDs with it and showing them off to us :) :*



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