Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Lakme Insta-Liner Liquid Eyeliner

No matter a Smoky eye look or a regular/daily office wear eye look you are sporting, a Black eye liner always gives a Perfect definition for the entire eye make-up. My love with Lakme Insta-Liner started long back and since then I am simply in love with this.

About Lakme:

Lakme Cosmetics is an Indian make up brand which was formed in 1952 as a subsidiary of Tata Group. Today, owned by Unilever it is a market leader in the skin care and cosmetic segment.  Formed on a special request by the then Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru who felt that the Indian woman needed an Indian cosmetic brand which would match international standards! Lakme Cosmetics changed the way Indian women looked at Indian cosmetic industry; very soon it was the buzzword.  In 1996 the organization was sold off to Unilever. Lakme has a strong presence in the Indian Beauty Market even after the entry of numerous international brands.  With the launch of Lakme Beauty Salons all over, it added another happy chapter to its success story.  
Lakme Cosmetics has around 1200 outlets in the country and the largest number of beauty advisors all over India. Lakme bonded with Fashion to start the Lakme Fashion Week in India which set the benchmark for a new fashion trend in the fashion conscious crowd of the country. With products spanning over colour cosmetics, skin care & hair styling products and now beauty services as well, Lakme Comsetics holds strong one of its tagline- ‘Lakme is Indian woman’s Beauty Sutra’.

What the Product Claims:

Lightweight and comfortable eye make-up for perfect definition. The brush is ideal for creating different liner thickness to give different looks to the eyes. Its water-resistant formula ensures no smudging or smearing. Its deep intense color that does not fade.

Best for Smudge Proof, Intense Black , Dramatic Eyes

Price: Rs.75/- for 9ml

Shelf Life: 30 Months from Date of Manufacture

My views on Lakme Insta-Liner Liquid Eyeliner:

Lakme Insta-Liner Liquid Eyeliner is my first liquid eye liner and I keep purchasing it very often. It comes in a sturdy glass bottle. The brush that comes with this is good. It picks up the right amount and one can draw very thin and thick lines with this. The color is intense black but turns out a bit lighter after drying. It looks very glossy in the bottle, but turns matte after drying. It claims to be water resistant but it is not water proof. After it dries, it does not smudge or flakes. It comes off easily with a regular cleanser.


  • Love the Blackest Black color it gives.
  • Economical.
  • The brush is really good. Does a great Job in application of both thin & thick lines.
  • Water resistant and smudge proof once it dries.
  • It does not flake.

  • No other shades available except the black one.
  • Not quick drying. Takes some time to dry. That’s actually annoying especially when you are in a hurry.
  • Not water-proof.

 Apart from the above I cannot find any flaws with this, I only wish its more darker than it appears after drying.

Rating – 4/5

Totally recommended for daily make-up purpose and for all those who are beginners in make-up, its easy on pocket too :) !!!


  1. ah ! the first liner i used when i had just started doing makeup in college....

  2. This was my first eyeliner too! In fact it continues to be my HG liner. But I was simply bored of this after using it for nearly 15 years! :p So currently on the lookout for others. But still haven't found something so good and so cheap! :)

    1. seriously!! this is worth every penny and so easy on pocket too!! :)



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