Friday, 6 January 2012

Light Purple and Gold EOTD

Hi :)

Now that i own COASTAL SCENTS - 88 ULTRA SHIMMER PALETTE i cannot help trying out some colors on me, though i am not a Pro in make-up i still tried a Light Purple Gold look on my eyes today. As i was going to office so kept the colors subtle as its a shimmery shadow.

Pls do give me your feedback so that i can do my eye makeup in a better way :)

Sorry for the unruly eye-brows :D

Just felt like sharing with you.

Now I am all ears for your comments. :)


  1. Lovely looking eyeeessss :) Great

  2. Lovely colors !!! apply a bit more of the purple to give it an extra pop ... Nice blog u have here.. m following you sweetly...
    check out mine too...

  3. @ Lancy : thank you Lancy!! :)

    @rids : thank you.. :) welcome to my blog!!

    @ sukanya : thank u dear :)

  4. hey so pretty :) would just add that use a matte shade on ut crease that way the purple on ur lids would just pop out :)
    btw u have beautiful eyes :)

  5. pretty eyes u have..and neatly you done :)

  6. lovely look Jyo :), I love cs ... following ur blog :) do visit my blog !

  7. Lovely eyes with nice makeup!

  8. the pallete is beautiful :) and evn the eotds :)



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