Monday, 16 January 2012

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun - Sun Block Cream SPF 30 PA++ UVA & SPF 30 UVB

What the Product Claims:

This unique cream has been formulated especially for the Indian summer. It contains PARSOL® 1789 and black plum extract for complete protection against the harmful UVA and UVB rays, preventing skin from tanning and ageing. Good for all parts of the body, reapply frequently for maximum protection.

Best For All Skin Types.

Its active ingredients provides protection against the harmful UVA & UVB rays, preventing skin from tanning and ageing. Good for all parts of the body, reapply frequently for maximum protection.

Directions to Use: Apply cream liberally and evenly on face and exposed parts of body before exposure to sun. Cream will not get washed/wiped with water / sweat.

Key Ingredients:  Contains berry extracts, octyle methoxy cinnamate, menthyl anthranilate and titanium dioxide.

Ingredient List:

 Price: Rs150/- for 60g

Shelf Life: 3 years from Date of Manufacture

My Views on Lotus Herbals Safe Sun - Sun Block Cream:

No matter what season/climate it is, i never skip my Sun screen, as i have a very sensitive skin that tends to give rashes and allergy when exposed to Sun directly. So the Sunscreen/Sun Block always comes to my rescue. I have always used the sunscreen lotions from the brand Lotus and i was never disappointed. But this particular Sun block is like a night-mare for me. it comes in the regular Lotus sun-screen packaging with a flip-flop cap. The consistency of the cream is so thick that it does not get absorbed into the skin easily. I have to sit and rub it into the skin for 5-10 mins, then it seems to sink in but leaves a greasy/oily feeling behind. and i absolutely hate it. The product tends to accumulate near the cap and it gets messy. But it does help in avoiding the rashes/allergy to an extent

·        Provides decent sun protection.
·        Nice fragrance.
·        I hate the texture of the cream; it does not absorb quickly.
·        Leaves a greasy finish after application.
·        Does not really moisturize.
·        The product accumulates near the cap and becomes messy.
                                                    Lotus Sun Block applied on Skin

                                     After trying to rub it in normally, see!! it does not get absorbed...

                               After trying to rub it in several times,  it does leave a greasy feeling!!

Rating:  2.5/5

I would definitely NOT recommend this to any skin type, Would recommend the Matte one and Spray one from Lotus any day!!


  1. i hav heard that lotus sunscreens are v nice... now m confused which one to get....

    1. Lotus Snscreens are great Rids.. this ones a dud!!! try the lotus 3 in 1 matte sun block with SPF 40... that ones great...will review that soon..

  2. i also had dis bt nvr used it.... too lazy, actually

  3. looks greasy in last pic:(

  4. yeah Siri... i hate the way it looks on my face :(

  5. I actually love this. Takes me 2 min to rub it in though. But keeps my skin moisturized all day in winters! :) I have combination skin which is slightly dry in winters and oily in summers. Of course I wouldn't use this one in summer even if someone gave it to me for free! :p

    1. hehe..!! yep this is one is good in terms of Sun protection and all... but somehow hate it for the way it looks on me..!!



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