Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Nivea Glamorous Gloss in Pink Sugar

Hi!! :D

I am very crazy about lip glosses and I buy them in all colors. :) Once such gloss that I recently bought is Nivea Glamorous Gloss in Pink Sugar.

What the Product Claims:

Beautifies your lips with stunning brilliance thanks to pink ultra shine pigments and adds glamour and gloss to your lips without sticky feeling.
The high-gloss formula of NIVEA Lip Care Glamorous Gloss Pink Sugar gives a blush of pink, and adds glamour and gloss to your lips. Ultra-shine pigments give your lips a brilliant glow, while shea butter and vitamin E join forces to moisturise your lips, whether during the day or for that special night out.

 How it works:

  • Beautifies your lips with stunning brilliance thanks to pink ultra shine pigments
  • Delights your senses with an exotic fruity scent
  • Provides long lasting care without sticky feeling
  • Contains SPF 15, protection against UVA and UVB rays

Price: Rs.139/- for 8.5ml

My take on Nivea Glamorous Gloss in Pink Sugar:

The gloss comes in a light pink plastic tube form. The cap is sturdy and creates no mess. The color of the gloss is light baby pink with very fine shimmers. It imparts a nice shine on the lips.the texture is very creamy, but not heavy. Glides well on lips and is non-sticky too. It has a nice sweet fragrance to it. It also has SPF-15 that’s an added advantage. Also it does not dry up the lips and keeps it hydrated as it has Vit-E. It can also be used to top up the lip stick for that extra shine. Pigmented lips would not get any coverage with this gloss as it turns out to be transparent on lips.

What I love about it:

  • The texture is good, not too runny or sticky.
  • I love the sweet bubblegum smell.(Nothing artificial)
  • Has SPF-15, so don’t be scared of the Sun :P
  • It also moisturizes the lips.
  • Decent staying power.
  • The tube comes with a slanted tip for easy application.
  • The gloss has very fine shimmers that leaves a beautiful shine on application.(Not at all OTT)
  • Can also be used as  a top coat on lip sticks.

What I do not love about it:

Actually nothing, only wish I could get more quantity. (I know!! Greedy me!!!)


Rating: 4/5

Over all I love this gloss!!! :D :D :D


  1. I have this one and Love it too :D I expected some more tint :P :P
    Nice Review Jyo

    1. thanks Lancy!! even i wish there was some tint in it :D



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