Monday, 2 January 2012


Hi  :)

Now that my Make-up journey has just started, My immediate requirement would be Make-up brushes.:)  As i am a novice in make-up, i did not want to invest on high-end brands. I was collecting a lot of Vega Brushes as they are affordable and yet does a fantastic job. So i went ahead and bought the Vega Professional Eye Brush - PB-15. I am very impressed with the brush, especially for the price its coming for. It has along classy handle. The bristles are finely packed and it does a great job in blending.

What the Product Claims :
  • A professional eye makeup brush from Vega.
  • This round contour brush is used for eye shadows and is a perfect blend of sable and goat hair. 
  • This is quite large and helps to blend the stiff edges of the shadows.

Price : Rs.275/- ( You can get it at a lesser price in the E-shopping Sites)

Pros :  
  • Its a great brush, total value for money.
  • I think the brush looks very classy. 
  • Does a great job of blending.
Cons :
  • I wish the bristles are little softer than they are.
  • A little shedding of bristles is observed.
Rating :  4/5

Totally recommended!!!!!!! A great budget buy for beginners.


  1. thnx for the review..was thinking of ordering this one :) following u..

  2. Thanks for the review Jyotsna!!! I really like the Vega professional range-I have an eyeshadow brush of this range-and I love it!!! And hey-I am following you by GFC now :)

  3. @ sukanya - thank you dear!! do get this.. a nice brush it is..........:)

  4. @Anuradha .. me too loved this brush.. planning to explore the range..... :d

    and thank you :)

  5. This looks v nice... Great for blending no? Picking this up..

  6. m getting this for sure. :)

  7. @jyoti - great brush for blending.. im sure u ll love it!! :)

  8. Hey! nice review.

    em a beginner too in makeup, and hunting for some nice brushes.... vl buy dis 4 sure

    em following u by GFC now

  9. Hi!! Varuna..:)Welcome to my blog..!!

    do get this.. i am sure u will love it!! and thank you....

  10. Thanks a lot for the review jyotsna

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  12. Thanks for the review sweety :)
    Be sure to check out and participate in my MEGA GIVEAWAY!



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