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The Nature's Co. - Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub

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Hope you are doing good . Today review is about The Nature's Co. - Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub.

About  The Nature's Co:

In the late 60's, an old Indian matriarch was faced with a medical problem – her son had dental pyorrhea. She used her age old wisdom, contained in the ancient Indian text of Ayurveda and formulated a toothpowder which cured her son. What set out as an old woman's journey to alleviate her son's ailment has today manifested into Amar Remedies Ltd., the parent company.

Today, Amar Remedies Ltd. is a manufacturer of personal health care products. Corporatized in 1984, it today is a publicly listed company with revenues in excess of US $60 million; the company is prominent in the Ayurvedic / Herbal category.

The first manufacturing facility of ARL was created in Surat, Gujarat. In response to a genuine consumer need, AMAR’s first product was an unique toothpaste. At a time when every major brand available in the market used gelatine as an ingredient, thereby making their toothpaste non-vegetarian, AMAR Toothpaste made an important breakthrough by developing a gelatine-free formula. Thus, AMAR, the first ever ‘Vegetarian’ toothpaste was launched in the markets of Gujarat in 1991.

Natasha Shah, Director of the company, was inspired by the founding members and following the same principles and her passion, researched and created The Nature’s Co.

She is a firm believer in the adage ‘goodness from goodness’ and truly believes that the goodness of nature can positively affect human health and beauty.

The Nature’s Co endeavours, with its ranges and its stores, to spread a wholesome, holistic natural experience.


Inspired by pure air this range pays tribute to the soothing and calming feeling that comes from the purity found in the atmosphere. The oxygenating process of the products in this range makes your skin breathe, thereby leaving you feeling pure and almost floating on air.


Inspired by the sun, the biggest star in our solar system. Like the sun, the products provide nourishment. But at the same time, they protect, especially against harmful radiation and its effects. Setting you up with the sparkle and energy to face the day.


The enchanted forest and all it holds is captured in this range. Brimming with colourful, exotic ingredients, strong, captivating fragrances and the goodness and variety that only a natural forest can provide.


Of the earth and by the earth, this range is an embodiment of the earth and all the nurturing properties that are found in its soil, minerals and mud. Enriching and reviving.


The abundance of the oceans and rivers and all they hold find expression here. The rich aquatic & coastal ingredients in these products, like moss, red algae and seaweed hydrate and replenish while invigorating and refreshing your day.

You can know more about them Here 

What the product Claims:

For all Skin types All you need to do for beautiful, smooth skin is scrub. Quick penetrating Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub contains Brown Sugar which is a natural exfoliant and Hazelnut oil that is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. It even contains tannins that have toning, astringent & healing properties. 

Directions to use:
In the shower or bath, spread the scrub over your entire body. Rub into skin to exfoliate and then rinse well. It will leave you feeling smooth all over and the enticing fragrance of Hazelnut will linger on. Recommended usage - 1 to 2 times a week.

Price: Rs.1295/-

Shelf Life: 18 Months from the Date of Manufacture.

Ingredient List:

My Take on The Nature's Co. - Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub:

This is  my first Body scrub that i have ever used and I must admit that I really understood the necessity of a Body scrub after using this one. The Nature's Co. - Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub is basically from the Earthborne range. It comes in a big tub packaging. The best thing about this Body scrub is that its made of whole good natural products like Hazelnut Oil, Vitamin-E, Brown Sugar, Lemon Oil & Almond Oil etc., which not only just exfoliates the skin but also nourishes it. :) The scrub is light brown in color and it gently exfoliates the skin. It is not too harsh on my skin. (I have a very sensitive skin that usually turns out red post scrubbing.) I use it twice a week and i must seriously admit that i love how nourished my skin feels after that. And the scrub smells delicious :D. Though it has oils in it, it just rinses well with water without leaving the skin oily. The Body scrub claims to have Toning, Astringent and Healing properties. I am not sure about the claims but I really have a nourished and soothing feeling after using it. Not to mention that it never makes my already-very-dry skin more drier. I also have a sample pack of an Jasmine-Sugar Body scrub it smells heavenly :D

  • All the products are 100% Vegan and they do not test on animals.
  • Made of Natural Ingredients that take care of the skin the perfect way.
  • The scrub exfoliates well and also nourishes the skin.
  • Not harsh on skin. So great for Sensitive skin too.
  • A little amount is required for scrubbing. So keeping that in view, even if it seems to be expensive it actually lasts long as well.

  • Slightly expensive for a Body Scrub. (But again you get good quantity and this will last long.)
  • Tub packaging may be un-hygenic.

Rating: 4.5/5

To be very honest, this is the first time i have tried any product from The Nature's Co., and I am very happy  satisfied with the results. I am definitely going to explore more products from the Brand :)


And yes they are having the Happy Hours Discounts for the month of April where in we can avail some really good offers. The best part is, these offers can be availed even Online. :D

So Happy Shopping :D :D

 PS: product sent by PR for review purpose. However, my honest opinions as always.Please read my Disclaimer


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    1. trust me Dhriti.. this one smells delicious :P

  3. I guess it has a yummy smell :) Nice review Jyotshna :)

  4. Ohhh woww, sounds exellent, body scrub is very important. I use an ayurvedic body scrub, thats excellent too!

    1. ya Taps i realized the importance after using this and actually found a nice difference in my skin.... :)

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