Friday, 11 May 2012

My Shopping Experience with and Haul :)

Hi Girls!!

Today I am going to review one of those amazing Shopping sites I ever came across. Its Its an India's online Natural Products shopping store where you would find an amazing range of Natural Health and Beauty Products.

What the Website Claims:

About Us

Wellnessocean takes a holistic approach to well-being. By holistic, we mean considering the whole person and the choices an individual makes to nurture their body and mind – the air they breathe, the moments they take, the products they put in and on their body.

We believe that feeling close to nature helps everyone achieve a sense of balance, both with the outside world and the world within. We aspire to enhance the well-being of body, mind and soul through a holistic approach to beauty and health that is rooted in centuries of deep, collective knowledge. Wellnessocean stands for wellness through nature's gifts, which have been formulated by traditions from all over the world, to give you the benefit of time tested, chemical free products which are gentle and without ill-effects.

Wellnessocean strives to meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Our mission is to enhance your sense of well-being through quality and natural products and to bring to you preventative and restorative lifelong wellness solutions. We believe in providing essentials for a healthy body and mind, by using high quality products that are free from harmful substances and have undergone strict quality control processes.

Our products are never tested on animals. There is no need for that simply because people have been using the same ingredients for thousands of years. Working with natural and traditional products has the advantage that dangerous substances and their effects on our bodies are known, unlike the effects and damage that can be caused by synthetic products that have been in use for no more than 100 years.

Most of our personal care products are gender neutral. They are especially beneficial for people with problem skin and for those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Allergies to commercial products. Choose from a variety of categories, such as Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Dead Sea Cosmetics, Organic Make up, Argan Oil Skin Care, Vitamin Skin Care and many more.

You can Know more about them Here & Here

You can also check the Blog Here

 Their various ranges of Products include the following.

My Experience:

Firstly I was so thrilled seeing the website Layout. Its very nice and easy to navigate. All the products are categorized and listed accordingly. Their product range consists of various Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Dead Sea Cosmetics, Organic Make up, Argan Oil Skin Care and Vitamin Skin Care. That’s amazing as I have never come across any website that offers these kinds of products. I was especially excited for their Organic Make-up, Yoga & various Skin Care products. Almost all the products are priced reasonably and you will find decent discounts on few products too. They also offer Gift Vouchers & Gift Cards, More information can be found Here

Shopping at was very easy. I have registered with the site first by completing a simple registration process. As soon as it was done I received a confirmation mail upon successful registration. Then I went ahead in choosing the items that I want to purchase. Since all the products are listed in Categories I did not find any problem in choosing the products. Also for every product there is a brief yet detailed description to gain some knowledge about that particular product. As soon as I am ready with my Order I proceeded to Check Out. They have a secure system where in you can give your shipping/address details. You can know detailed information on Order placing Here. They accept all Debit/Credit Cards as a mode of payment. Also there is Cash Deposit Option where in you have to directly deposit the cash in their bank account by stepping into your near by ICICI Bank. They also have Cash On Delivery Option without any additional charges for Orders above Rs.1500/-. For Orders below Rs1500/- they charge an additional amount of Rs.95/- for “Cash On Delivery Orders”. You can find more information about their Modes of Payment Here & Here. Also their shipping charges are also reasonable. More details Here. After placing the Order I received a confirmation mail with all the details in my mail box. A very friendly Customer Service Executive called me to confirm my Order and assured that the Order will be dispatched soon. And as assured I received a mail with the Courier Details later in the evening. I was so happy as my Order was couriered the same day I placed the Order and I received my Order in Two days!! Isn’t that awesome!!! I placed my Order on 19th of April and received it on 21st April. That was super fast.

Also the packaging was very good. There was absolutely no damage of the products. I received everything in sound condition. The package arrived in a strong card-board box with Logo on it. All the products are individually bubble wrapped to avoid damage during transit. I also received few samples, a Handcrafted Notepad and a cute bag as freebies along with few pamphlets of various brands. I was so happy to receive them all.

This is how the package looked like:)

This is how the Items are individually bubble wrapped...

This is what i ordered :)
  •  Spa Essential Oil - Sweet Dreams
  • Anherb Lady Hygiene Wash
  • Spa Rollon Clear Thoughts
  • Skin Whitening Bath Mitt
  • Maroma Sumaya Body Lotion Jasmine Neroli
  • Kairali Kairbossom

Freebies i got with my Order... :D

Overall I Loved shopping with this site and definitely look forward to shop more from them.

I also started to use the products and i must say i am loving them. Reviews coming up soon. :)

PS: I have made the purchase with the voucher offered by the website. However, my honest review as always.Please read my Disclaimer     


  1. first time hearing about this site. Sounds good. Btw you haven't mentioned what you bought exactly from there.. Would love to know what those are which you purchased from there. :)

    1. hey Bharti.. i have updated the list!! :) :)

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  3. lovely haul..waiting for the reviews :)

  4. Nice sounds good...will check this out..thanks for sharing....

  5. This looks great! I will check out the site. <3


  6. Jyo, the things u bought from here are all new to me. Nvr heard of dem before, so reviews toh banta hai!!

    1. pakka pakka!! reviews coming up for sure.. :)

  7. Ohh this sounds gud. :DS will chk out the site.

  8. great haul

    m new follower i would love if you follow back

  9. Great review! Will let my friends and family in India know about this site! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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    And don't forget to enter the INTERNATIONAL Giveaway!
    Enter my giveaway - $40 to shop at

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  11. Awesome haul dear! I loved shopping from here, will share my experience soon!

  12. thanks Taps!!! cant wait to see what all you ve purchased... :)

  13. nice haul J :) thanks fr liking my page .......luv u !

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