Monday, 11 June 2012

REVIEW - CreaClip

Hi Girls!! :)

Today i am very excited to review an amazing product CreaClip. Its an amazing Invention by a wonderful lady Mai Lieu. She is very kind to send me a sample product of CreaClip for review.

What the Product Claims:

The CreaClip is a hair-cutting guide that you can use at home to cut your own or others’ hair. It is easy to use: Just Clip, Slide, and Cut!

It can save you hundreds of dollars and hours per year for an entire family. When you cut your hair at home with the CreaClip, you’re spending pennies per cut, without the hassle of traveling and waiting. It’s also perfect for people who are not physically able to go to a salon, if you’ve got a lot of children’s hair to cut, if you need a little trim or maintenance between cuts, or if you want to create your own customized style. 

When cutting your hair at home, it’s hard to cut straight and achieve professional results. You end up cutting more and more to straighten your hair, and before you know it, it’s way too short. With the CreaClip’s rotating leveler, your cuts are balanced every time. 

You can use it any time, and any place that is convenient. With the CreaClip, you no longer have to make appointments or travel to get your hair cut. It’s also great for trimming and maintaining between salon haircuts. You can take it with you when you travel for business or pleasure.

It can be used on curly or straight, thick or thin hair. First make sure hair is combed, free of tangles. If your hair is really curly, blow dry straight or flat-iron hair before cutting for best results. The unique design flexes to adjust to different thicknesses of hair. If your hair is really thick, divide it into two or three sections, then cut.

The Set Includes:

 1 Small CreaClip (For Bangs)
 1 Large CreaClip (For Long Hair and Layers)

How to use CreaClip:

1. Make sure the level is aligned flush horizontally straight on the body of the clip.
2. Clip on the hair as horizontally straight as you can.
3. Wait a few seconds as he level will adjust it's self.
4. Once the bubble stops, just slightly tilt the clip a Little to slowly move the bubble in the middle.
5. If you want to move the bubble left tilt clockwise, and visa versa.

 Once you start cutting you do not need to focus on the bubble being in the middle. The bubble is just a starting reference point. Once have the clip position, you just need to hold steady in that approx position. While cutting if you happen to move your hand out of position and the bubble moves out of the middle it's ok, keep cutting just as long as you are in 80% it's approximate position you will still get great results. Remember you can always stop and start over if you lose position. 

You can find more information HERE

Price: $ 29.99 (Plus P&H) and can be ordered HERE
It comes with a 30-day full refund policy. It is also guaranteed against any defects.

They do have their Instructional Videos on how to Use CreaClip:

You can find more Instructional videos HERE

My Experience with CreaClip:

I was so excited to try out CreaClip as its an amazing creation. I always cut my Bangs by myself. Somehow they don turn out the way I wanted if I get them done by a Hair Stylist. But I never tried cutting down the hair at the ends or trimming as I am unsure about the shape and can’t imagine chopping my hair off as it is very difficult to watch the back. :)

So, CreaClip definitely gave me the chance to cut my hair all by myself in a very innovative way.

The set includes a large clip that for cutting long hair and to cut layers. And the Small clip is used to cut the Bangs. The set comes with an instructional manual that has detailed information on how to cut your hair in various styles. The best part of CreaClip is that, it comes with a Rotating Leveler that ensures that that the Clip is balanced.

Using CreaClip was pretty easy. I watched the Instructional videos on their website HERE before I cut my hair. I washed my hair and made sure its all dry. I have used the Large Clip to cut layers and the small one to cut the Bangs. And I must admit I was pretty impressed with it. I got great results, especially my Bangs came out really nice. I took my Before and After pictures of my Hair cut. So let the pictures talk.


Now this is how my Hair looked after i cut my hair using CreaClip:


I also used CreaClip to cut my Mom’s hair. It was just a simple Straight cut that I tried, and it just took 2-3 mins for me for the entire process. My Mom was also super duper happy with the result.


Overall I am extremely happy using CreaClip and would definitely recommend this to everybody. It definitely saves so much money that we often spend on trimming and shaping our hair.

Rating: 4.5/5 – (Deducted 0.5 for the availability issues as it has to be ordered Online only)

PS: product sent by Brand for review purpose. However, my honest opinions as always.Please read my Disclaimer



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