Saturday, 14 July 2012

Faces Facial Cleansing Buffer - REVIEW

Hey Girls!!

Today's review is on Faces Facial Cleansing Buffer which i absolutely dislike. To be honest, i am a great fan of Faces products especially their Make-up. But this one really disappointed me.

What the product Claims:
  • Facial Cleansing Buffer for deep pore cleansing and gentle exfoliation of skin.
  • This Facial Cleansing Buffer is perfect for deep pore cleansing and gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells. It gently removes dry and dead skin when used with cleanser or facial scrub.

Directions to Use:

Wet sponge in warm water, apply cleanser or facial scrub and gently massage over face in circular motion. Wash off and pat dry your face. Gently wash the sponge in warm soapy water after each use. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze out excess water. Allow to air dry.

Price: Rs.65/- (They have increased the price to Rs.75/-)

My Experience with Faces Facial Cleansing Buffer:

One word!! Hate it!! I mean i treat my facial skin in the most precious way possible and this little one actually gave me scratches. I bought this online and was so excited to try this one out as it claimed of "Deep Pore Cleansing" & "Gentle Exfoliation". The packaging that it came in was nice. The Buffer is white in color and is made of some scratchy (and crappy!! :D) sponge.

When i first tried i was initially apprehensive as i could feel its very harsh, scratchy and abrasive on skin, still tried it on with a very light hand. Still i ended up with a red skin. And it Hurts!! :(

I cant believe this one is actually made for facial skin as its so harsh. I ended up using this a foot scrub replacing my Pumice Stone and it does a fabulous job!!!

Rating: 1/5 (Just for replacing the Pumice Stone ;))

Recommendations: NO!!!


  1. That's bad :O :O I was about to purchase this online and you saved.. Thanks for the review Jyotshna

  2. ugghh..sounds so bad..would stay away...thanks! :)

  3. oh dear ! I was inquisitive about it but now no doubt its bad !

  4. I was about to purchase it online...thnks for review :)

  5. Too bad its a dud and thanks a lot for the review. Was thinking of getting them.



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