Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Review : Coloressence Blusher - Amber Peach

Hey Girls!!

Today's review is on the Coloressence Blusher in the shade Amber Peach.

What the Product Claims:

Coloressence Blusher with satin smooth silky effect. It gives velvety cheeks to highlight the cheekbones.

Price: Rs.220 for 5g (Available at lesser price on Online Shopping sites)

My Experience with Coloressence Blusher - Amber Peach:

First of all, the blush is very pocket friendy. :) I got it for Rs.180/- on an online shopping site and i was so glad. I always refrain from applying blushes on my cheeks as i have a dusky complexion and i am really not sure what colors really show up on me. So i always look out for inexpensive blushes for trial and error purpose!

Firstly i am not a great fan of the packaging. It has a screw cap-type packaging but its sturdy. I cannot complain for the price i paid. The shade Amper peach, true to its name, is a nice peachy shade that looks very subtle.It is a matte shade hence very appropriate for day time. I assume this suits well on fair to medium skin tones. On my dusky tone it does not show up that well, just a hint of color on my cheeks and honestly i like it. :)

The texture of the blush is smooth, not chalky at and blends nicely into the skin.

The staying power is not that impressive, it just stays on for 3 hours max and then it fades away!


Rating: 3.5/5

Overall a nice budget friendly blush and i recommend it!


  1. could not clearly get the shade from the hand swatch.. but seems this can be a dupe of MAC peach blush ! :)

    1. i was having a tough time try to capture the true color with my cam Sukanya!! :(

      not sure about MAC peach but this one is certainly a great color!! :)



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