Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Hi Girls!

Today i am going to review my new found love.....!! Baby Wipes!! :D. I know most of you use them but i was living under rock for a while and i never knew that baby wipes can used for make up removal! Some how i read some where that baby wipes are very gentle yet effective in removing make up so i went ahead and gave it a try!

Actually the reason baby wipes are safe for the obvious reasons that they are meant for cute little babies so they would not contain alcohol contents. These are a boon for lazy bums like me, as i get so tired at the end of day and sometimes feel so painful to take some 5-10 mins to remove the make up and clean my face. They are very gentle on the skin and yet so effective in removing dirt on the skin and make up too. However, for stubborn water proof make up you would have to use an additional make up remover.

I bought Mamy Poko Baby wipes smaller pack as it is my first encounter with baby wipes and not sure how it would work! :)


Price: Rs.59/- for a pack of 20 wipes

I fell in love with baby wipes. I mean they remove dirt and make up from the skin so effectively! It does not leave any oily residue as such. It is very gentle on the skin and never irritated my sensitive skin. I have a dry skin that gets drier after cleansing my face. However i noticed that the wipes did not dry out my facial skin further. I usually use the wipes on my neck and hands and use a facial cleanser on my face to remove the make up. But if i am feeling ultra lazy, i use these wipes to remove the make up on my face and it does a great job!

And a little demonstration :)

These are few water proof pencil liners and lipstick & lip liner swatches on my hand!

First Swipe lipstick swatches gone! as the pencils are water proof i needed another 2-3 swipes...

After 3 swipes! everything is wiped out clean! :D

This is how the dirty wipe looks!! :P

Overall these baby wipes are great i surely recommend using them over normal wet wipes as they tend to be more gentle on the skin!


  1. Wow..!! It means its working.. but does it leave skin greasy ?

    1. nooo Apoo not at all greasy!! its really good! :)

  2. I use baby wipes sometimes too..Pampers one to remove makeup...

  3. Sounds great, I have never used these..

  4. These are great and effective and loved the way you have given demo with waterproof makeup. I use baby wipes to even remove eye makeup at times when it is extremely cold in winters and Unicharm has superb quality anyways.



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