Friday, 21 December 2012

My December Enchantess Bag!! :)

 Hey Girls!

So yeah another beauty box bag i got for the Month of December. This time its by Enchantess.

If you are not aware about these beauty boxes/bags, they send across 3-4 customized samples of beauty, skin - Hair care that suit your needs once you subscribe every month.

 About Enchantess:

Enchantess was born out of an idea to disseminate the power of knowledge about beauty and healthy living being followed by our ancestors in India for ages.
We believe that everybody is beautiful but we need to recognize and enhance it to be able to enrich our lives by balancing essential components of our life. By balance, we cannot help but explain the three doshas of Kapha, Pitta, Vata under Ayurveda. When these three are in balance, a person is said to be beautiful from the inside and outside.
We live very different lives today from the lives of our ancestors. Our food has changed and now we have access to different palates and tastes from around the world. Similarly, our beauty practices and products have also changed from simple home-made ubtans to genetically enhanced anti-ageing serums. So, we need to understand what is good for us from a plethora of Indian and International brands available to us who bog us down with their extensive advertisements claiming to make one fairer, successful and confident.
We believe that everybody is different and have different needs and body types. We study each case individually and provide you with a beautiful personalized service of curating beauty products designed for your personality (for more info check out our Subscription program page). Hence, saving you lots of time and money on trying each and every product in the market to find out what works best for you!

My Experience with Enchantess:

I was very new to these beauty boxes thing until last month when i ordered Velvette Box. Click HERE & HERE to read my experiences with them. So when i got to know that there is Enchantess as well,  i could not restrict myself .They have 1-3-6-12 month subscriptions for the bag!.

The subscription for 1 month is Rs.399/- including shipping so i placed the order and it got confirmed on 18th Dec and i received my order on 20th Dec. That's super quick. The first thing that grabbed my eye balls is the cute pink potli bag. Loveeeeeeeeeddddd it!

Well its just the bag i love unfortunately :( Disappointed with the products i received!

These are the things i received:
  • Colorbar Kohl Intense Eyeliner (Full Size Price: Rs.399 - Sample received: 0.35gms)
  • Neutrogena Fine fairness Mask (Full Size Price: Rs.99 - Sample received:1 Mask)
  • L'Angel Hair Spa (Full Size Price: Rs.999 - Sample received: 3 Pouches)
  • Biotique Bio-White Lip Balm (Full Size Price: Rs.99 - Sample received: 4.1 gms)

They also sent me a INSIDE SALON & SPA Magazine for Free :)

There is also a personalized card with the details of the samples and few coupon codes.

Overall i am not that happy getting products like Neutrogena mask & Biotique lip balm as these are esily available and i do not look out for samples to try them out. I am excited to  use the L'Angel Hair spa though.

I hope they look into this and start sending out better samples next month.


  1. exactly...they should have sent samples of high end brands and not biotique or neutrogena....

  2. I think the velvette box has much better products. I have ordered velvette. Let's see what they send :)

  3. Me too think that the velvette box is much better although me too got tempted and subcribe for one month..waiting for mine now :)

  4. omg this looks bleh. Feel like Velvette box is doing better then this.

  5. horrible..i wud never want to get such things..thats y i never opt for such boxes..

    1. even i feel like getting out of these so called beauty box's bandwagon! :(

  6. Colorburst, Neutrogena and Biotique???? Why would anyone want samples of these? And even L'Angel....I've never even heard of it before!

    1. i know.. i was shocked to see these Dollie.. i can easily get hold of such products!!

  7. Doesn't seem like what you would expect. But they might take all the complaints and send good stuff next time right? :D

  8. Oh well, looks like most of us got similar prods, so I guess the best option would be too look out for the Jan bag to see what they send. And then decide if the subscription should be renewed!



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