Friday, 28 December 2012

My December Vellvette Box!! ♥ ♥

Hey Girls!!

I have received my December Month's Vellvette Box and Boy!!!!! I LOVE IT!! :)

I was little unhappy with my last month's box but this one made me reaallllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy happieeeeeeeeee.......:)

Also check my October Box & November Box

I always love the personalized cards... :)

These are the products that i received...

  • Victoria's Secret Amber Romance Body Mist
  • Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Serum
  • Anna Andre Deluxe Creme Lipstick - 40203
  • Bonus - Cabotine de Cres - Perfume sample

A closer look..........

And that's not it, the Clinique Lipstick from my November Box came broken so they sent me a replacement for that along with a cute sorry note... :)

Some more pics..

The description cards and some coupons..

And a happy family picture... :D

I loved my Vellvette Box for this month! Right from the products, the cute red ribbon and the little sorry note, the replacement.. everything...

So what all surprises do you have in your Vellvette Box! Do share it below by Commenting! :)


  1. Amazing products Lovely:)

  2. Awww you got awesome goodies enjoy and review it :)

  3. i am lusting over the vs body mist

  4. hey, this box looks lovely!! I always love the bows on gift boxes :P
    Could you please review the lipstick .. Clinique that is

    1. hehhe me too Nivi.. the cute bows always impress me.. :)

      Will surely do that!

  5. The bow is soo pretty! And such lovely products you have received :)

  6. Neat haul. I got the TBS shampoo and I wished that they had sent a conditioner too with it. The sorry note and replacement is a cute gesture :)

    1. yeah... :)

      i second you.. there should have been a conditioner along... :(



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