Monday, 17 December 2012

Review - Konad Niju Girl Cotton Pads

I used to rely on surgical cotton pads for cleansing and removing my make up from the face. But later i switched to cosmetic cotton pads and really saw the difference it made on my skin.

I discovered these Konad Niju Girl Cotton Pads on and placed an order for it with the other stuff. Check my Haul Here. 

What the Product Claims:

This embossed cotton is made through dry process, prevents cotton from separation or lump. It helps to apply amount of toner. Essence to your skin with slow absorption of compressed cotton.

How to use:

Softly tap your skin with toner or essence using the pure cotton pad. Use lips and eyes remover to remove makeup around the eyes and lips. Use nail remover to remove nail polish.

 Price: Rs.130/- for 100 Cotton pads

My Experience with Konad Niju Girl Cotton Pads:

Konad Niju Girl Cotton Pads are not abrasive as the surgical cotton and are gentle yet effective in removing the make up when used with a cleanser.

These cotton pads come in a purple & pink color card broad box with the product information on it. i wish it had a better packaging as the cardboard box easily gets ripped off and it becomes an issue to store these pads.

There are 100 cotton pads in the package and i found it slightly expensive for the price we pay. The pad is very small about 2 inches height and width.

I personally am not comfortable using it. I need something comparatively big so that it could effectively remove the eye makeup. I require 2 pads to remove the eye make up from each eye. I also observed that with this one i had to use more make up remover to remove the eye make up.

I am attaching the pictures of this one with my other make up removing pad just to compare the size.

But it does a good job in removing the lipstick/gloss and also the nail paints. So i am trying to use these in that way.

Overall a decent one for removing the lip make up and nail paints. Not a re-purchase for me.

Rating: 3/5

PS: Product purchased by the voucher offered by  for review purpose. However, my honest opinions as always.Please read my Disclaimer


  1. hey jo.. true these pads consume a lot of the remover/cleanser/toner..

    i too love removing NP with these.. so handy they are..

    i hv been using bella cotton pads for long & love them.. not going to cotton balls again :)

    u can chk tat review in my blog.. :)

    1. i am using bella ones now and they are really gud na!

    2. yuppa.. i m already on my second pack :D happy b'day gal.. :)

  2. currently i am using tbs organic cotton pads....these will be too small for me :( nice review

    1. yeah me too.. i wanted to try TBS one's now.. :)



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