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Tips for Flawless Make up Application(Face)

Hi Girls!

This article is to just guide you to apply your make up in the right way. I am not saying THIS IS THE METHOD you should follow but i do my make up this way i always got compliments :) These are the methods i follow and i just want to share it with you all, i will be glad if this post helps at least a few of you especially those who are beginners in make up. I usually do not wear this much make up on daily basis. 

My everyday make up is simply Cleansing-->Moisturizing-->Applying Sunscreen-->Tinted Moisturizer-->Kajal-->Eye liner-->Lip Balm and i will be good to go.

Anyways lets get started.. :)

Cleanse/Exfoliate Skin:

It is so important to apply your make up on a clean face. Make sure your skin is cleansed and exfoliated. Cleansing removes the dirt from the skin and Exfoliation removes the dead/flaky skin and refreshes the skin surface and provides a smooth base to work with.


I cant emphasize how important it is to moisturize your skin before applying Make up. It hydrates the skin through out the day and help your make up look good. Imagine your skin having all dry patches after you apply the make up. It just ruins the over all look and also makes your skin stretchy and further dry.

Its always important to choose the right moisturizer for your skin type. You may use a cream based.nourishing moisturizer if you have Dry skin and  a water based/light moisturizer for Oily skin.


Never ever skip your sun screen if its Day time. Or you can simply choose a moisturizer/foundation which has SPF(Min of 20-30) with UVV/UVA protection factors. Facial skin is very sensitive and could be damaged easily due to the harsh UV Rays.


Use a Face primer to create a smooth base for your foundation,extend the staying power of the Make up, even out the skin tone and reduce the appearance of the pores. They are primers available to suit different skin needs. For Oily skin, it regulates the oil secretion and keeps the skin shine free and Matte for a long time. For Dry skin there are primers that keeps the skin further hydrated. There are different primers to even out the skin tone or minimize the appearance of the pores.

Apply the primer all over the face and neck using fingers/brush. It would take some 5-8 mins for the primer to sink into the skin and do its job(minimize pores/matte-fy/even-out skin) and then proceed with foundation application

Foundation/Tinted Moisturizer:

Use a Foundation to even out the skin complexion and to cover the imperfections(like dark spots, pigmentation) if any. If you don't want heavy coverage and your skin is in the best condition you may use the Tinted Moisturizers which are as good as Foundations but feels so light on the skin and gives a very natural look. Again always choose a foundation based on your skin type. There are lots of foundations available that suits different skin types. A water based/liquid foundation feels very light and is a great option for Oily skin type. There are cream based foundations that will suit dry skin girls well. The foundations we choose should also suit our skin needs. For example, dry skin girls can out out for a foundation that gives a dewy finish. And Oily skin girls may choose a foundation that would give a matte finish and keeps their skin oil/shine free for hours.

Choosing the right shade of foundation is a dream come true for many girls!(My story). And please dont put on foundation that is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone to look fair.(Most of the SA's here push you to buy a lighter shade of foundation and assures that "Madam you will look very fair in this shade" i ve been a victim once). Practically, a foundation does not make you look fairer if you are wearing a lighter shade, instead you will end up looking ghostly and ashy with a pale complexion that looks dull and life less.

When you choose a foundation shade, apply it on the jawline and blend it and check if it is matching your skin tone. Always check in the natural light as the store lights are usually bright and you might not find the exact match for your the skin shade.

Applying the foundation and blending it well into your skin is the main key to achieving flawless look. You can take a pump or two of your favorite foundation and use your fingers or a foundation/buffering brush or a  wet sponge(like beauty blenders) to apply the foundation on to the skin and blend blend blend into the skin well. Also please make sure you apply some on your neck and ears to make sure you don't end up looking weird.


Usually a foundation is sufficient to cover up the minor imperfections or spots on the skin. but if you have problematic skin with marks/acne or under eye dark circles you may need a concealer additionally to cover up and reduce their appearance.

Unlike the foundation we would apply the concealer just on the problematic area and blend well into the skin. Again the concealer shade has to be chosen according to the skin shade.

Setting Powder:

Setting everything with Powder helps the foundation and concealer stay and place without budging/melting and helps it to stay longer. You may use a translucent powder or a compact powder to set the base. You can apply the powder with powder puff or a nice fluffy powder brush to apply the powder all over the face.

Setting your base with powder is a great option for oily skin as it keeps their skin oil free and matte for a long time. For dry skin you should not apply more powder as you might end up with a dry and stretchy skin, take a little amount with a powder brush and lightly swirl it all over the face to give a natural look.


Now that we applied foundation and concealer and covered most of the flaws and imperfections the face looks all even and might appear pale and flat, we would just add a bit of warmth and color but applying a blush that looks flattering on your skin tone and gives you a natural blush-ed look. Dry skin girls can use a cream blush for a more dewy look and a powder blush is the best for oily skin type.

You may go ahead and contour your cheeks and forehead to give that dimension and for a more chiseled look.

You can also highlight the high points with a highlighter to give that radiant look. The high points are usually your cheek bones, bridge of the nose center of the forehead, brow bone and cupid's bow.

And that's it, the base make up is perfectly done this way and you can proceed with your eye make-up and your favorite lip shade and you are good to go.

So, how is your foundation routine. Do let me know in the comments below.

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