Monday, 7 January 2013

Review - Romantaque Hair Minimizing Lotion

What the Product Claims: 

We are an innovation company, based in Pune - India.  We are looking for distribution partners for our novel product that arrests regrowth of hair, which can be used after hair removal by waxing, threading.

Recently we have crossed a milestone of launching a product. Recently we have been able to cross the death valley for an idea that would be dear to you as well, and hence trying to reach you to share the possibilities onwards. 

We are glad to introduce the Romantaque – Post Hair Removal Hair Minimizer, a new weapon in the fight against unwanted hair. 

This is a hair growth inhibitor. As a precondition, after hair removal the skin has to be ‘normal and intact’ Recommended hair removal is by  TWEP approach (Tweezing,  Waxing, Epilation,  and Plucking). Hair should be pulled out from follicle, 24 hours in advance before Romantaque is applied for 10 days – twice a day. The nano-tech enabled active affects the hair follicle function, in terms of weakening in strength, lightening in color, reducing the speed of next hair . Repeated applications give a perceptible change, for the user – in reduced pain and lesser hair growth and density for a close observer like personal aesthetician as well.

This nano-tech powered cosmetic version is developed with support by Government of India - under TePP program in collaboration with IIT - Bombay and has been awarded in 2011, by DST Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Program  as well.  Clip sponsored by FICCI and hosted at YouTube is  attached here with for your quick reference. 

You can also find them at:

Site Romantaque

Price: Rs1500/- for 50g

Ingredient List: 

My Experience with Romantaque Hair Minimizing Lotion:

First thing, the packaging is simple and sturdy. It comes in white plastic bottle with a flip flop cap. Its absolutely travel friendly.  The product is a white colored liquid with a runny consistency.  It has a very faint smell that's not bothering. However the smells fades off post application. Its advised to use the product 24 Hours after hair removal, make sure the hair is removed from the roots. So its advisable to either Tweeze, Wax, Epilate, or Pluck hair before using it. So i started to use it a day after hair removal. I initially used it on my hands and i was impressed with the results and started to use on my upper lip area too. I did make sure to do a patch test before i could use it on me. It did not cause any irritation so i started to use it normally as per the instructions.

I don't have coarse hair but the hair grows a bit faster. I would usually notice the new hair coming up within 3 days. Its advised to use this twice a day but i only use it during the night on well cleansed face. It sinks into the skin well without leaving any greasy residue or white cast. My skin feels baby soft after applying this. Also i have a sensitive skin, so i am usually skeptical about the products that i use. But this one is safe for all skin types and did not cause any irritation on my skin.

As far as the product claims are considered, it does work. :) It did slow down the hair growth rate. After using this i observed that the new hair growth started to show up very late that too fine hair started growing.  So i was assured about the product and started using on my upper lip area(with out being too close to the nasal area)  and experienced similar results and i am really happy. I will just continue using it and see how it fares in the long run. :)

The only con would definitely be the price. For 50 gm the price is expensive but considering how much we often spend on waxing and all i think its ok.

Product Swatch: 

I would surely recommend this if you have faster hair growth or coarse hair, this would definitely help you out. But yeah the price is steep though :)

PS: Product sent by PR for review purpose. However, my honest opinions as always.Please read my Disclaimer


  1. So does it really work to minimize unwanted hair?, i don't want to spend money on it until i am sure that it is authentic.

    1. it does delay the hair growth to an extent.. they are launching a trial pack of this.. may be u shud try that before investing.. :)



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