Monday, 15 April 2013

Oilcraft Naturals - Premium Rose Water & Premium Mogra Water Facial Tonic (Reviews)

Summers are already here and i am having a tough time battling with it and trying to protect my skin from the heat and the Sun. Facial mists are a must for me especially in the Summers. Rose water has always been a best friend of me since many years and this is the first time I am trying out Mogra Water as a facial Mist. 

The Rose & Mogra Facial Mists that I am going to review today is from a brand called Oilcraft Naturals which I have earlier mentioned HERE

What the Product Claims:

Premium Rose Water: Oilcraft Naturals Premium Mogra water is a very refreshing and uplifting skin tonic , toner and cleanser. The crop for this pure rose water is cultivated exclusively in the North Indian town of Kannauj in UP, famous for its rich white clay. It restores the skin's PH balance the heals the skin naturally.This rose water works as an excellent astringent, toner and cleanser.It is a fantastic body and face splash for the hot summers and muggy monsoons and works as a superior base with glycerin to keep the skin hydrated during winters
Premium Mogra Water Facial Tonic: Oilcraft Naturals Premium Mogra water is a very refreshing and uplifting skin tonic and cleanser. It soothes and balances the skin PH levels. It helps the skin, benefits all skin types, manages anxiety, and promotes confidence. It also benefits people suffering from the symptoms of stress and fatigue. It clears the skin and reduces blemishes and age-spots over a period of time. It is cultivated all over North India and is famous for its lingering, exotic perfume.

Price: Rs.350/- each for 200 ml (Can be purchased only at Oilcraft Naturals Website HERE

My Experience with Oilcraft Naturals Facial Mists:

These facial mists come in a spray type plastic bottle which is comfortable and easy to use. I quite love the packaging. The facial mists smell divine especially the Mogra one. They totally freshen up my dull and tired skin and rejuvenates my senses too.They are steam distilled with Pure Rose & Mogra and are purely natural without any parabens. They are very light and refreshing on the skin. Does not leave any greasy/oily residue post application. It just leaves skin fresh and the fragrance fades away gradually. I usually use the Rose water as toner(Morning & Night after Cleansing my face) and the Mogra water through out the day whenever i feel tired or skin feels dull. These facial mists act as an excellent toners for my Dry and Dull skin.

I do follow up with a moisturizer as these facial mists alone does not moisturize my skin but cetainly helps the skin from dryness and dullness. I absoultely love these and they have become a must have for me these days especially the Mogra Water.

I think the price is also justified as we get huge quantity and usually the bottle lasts really long. I hope they have a smaller bottles too, that makes it convenient to use while travelling.
As per the claims are concerned(with Mogra Water) i did not notice any reduction in pigmentation or brightening of the skin but it does help in refreshing the skin.


Rating: 5/5

Overall i am in love with these Facial mists and I am definitely re-purchasing them.

Highly recommended :)

PS: Products sent by PR for review purpose. Please read my Disclaimer


  1. Seems very good product...will check it in future Nice Review dear :)

    1. Thank You Radha! these are my favorites for summer :)

  2. i have never heard of this brand...but they seem nice..would browse their website :)

  3. I have the rose water and absolutely love it!



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