Thursday, 24 October 2013

Review : Anne French Convenience Hair Remover Kit

I always prefer waxing to remove unwanted hair on arms and legs, it is a  painful process for sure but gives the best results all the time. But there are times when i am pressed for time or the hair growth is too less to wax  Hair removal creams give quick results, not to mention there is absolutely NO PAIN.. Over years i have personally tried various variants of Hair removal creams from different brands and ANNE FRENCH needs no introduction as its pretty famous among girls. I have always been a fan of the Aloe Vera Hair removing cream by ANNE FRENCH as it soothes the skin post hair removal without causing any irritation or allergy on my very sensitive skin.

Recently ANNE FRENCH launched their Creme Hair remover with a free Convenience Kit that makes the entire Hair removal process easy. It claims to remove the hair in 3 mins post application of the cream and consists of Shea Butter & Aloe Vera that makes the skin 3 times softer.

What the Product Claims:

It’s a new and improved formulation from house of Anne French.  The objective is to offer safe and gentle crème for tender teen skin.

Natural Ingredients:

The new formulation has real aloe vera gel and shea butter for skin benefits. As per scientific study, post depilation the skin becomes 3X softer.

Exotic fragrance: 

The fresh and soothing green tea aroma to uplift the senses.

Unique Convenience Kit:
  •    Easy on applicator – for  “hands free”, “no mess” application
  •    Skin polishing sponge – removes unwanted hair gently and faster. Also exfoliates the skin….  Now it’s time to say Goodbye to old age spatula!

Gentle formulation:

Anne French Tender Care is a gentle depilatory crème, which is dermatologically tested and proven to be safe on skin of 14+ years old.  The safety study was conducted by Scientific Research Agency and also approved by Clinical Trial Association of India.

Ingredient List:

Price:  Rs.60/-

My Experience with Anne French Convenience Hair Remover Kit:

The Hair remover Kit comes in a sturdy packaging. The Convenience kit consists of the following items:
  1. The tube consisting the Hair remover cream.
  2. Skin Polishing Sponge (To remove the unwanted hair ) 
  3. Easy on Applicator (For mess-free application)

We get 45g of the product in the tube and it is enough to remove the unwanted hair on both the arms. The packaging is quite nice and sturdy, as mentioned earlier the product comes in a squeeze through tube and an additional ‘Easy on Applicator’ which is basically a slant tip nozzle that can be screwed on to the tube for easy and mess free application. 

The product is cream based and applies nice and smooth onto the skin. It consists of Shea Butter and Aloe Vera and leaves the skin soft and supple post hair removal which i really like.  It is advised to keep the cream onto the skin for atleast 3 mins or a maximum of 10 mins for coarse hair. 

The best part of the kit is the Skin polishing sponge which helps in wiping off the unwanted hair along with the cream after the stipulated time. It is advised to use the wet sponge for effective results and clean the residue with water for squeaky clean skin . The sponge also gives mild exfoliation and leaves the skin soft and supple. After usage the Sponge should be cleaned by rinsing off with water and air dry it. I have not observed any skin reactions or allergies post usage of the cream but it is always advisable to conduct a patch test to if you have sensitive skin.

Overall i really like how the kit comes handy for removing the unwanted hair during emergencies and not to mention how easy and mess free application the kit offers. 

Totally recommended!!

Rating: 4/5

PS: Product sent by PR for review purpose. Please read my Disclaimer


  1. Wow seems a great product Nice Review dear :)

  2. i tried anne french older version when i was in India..i can say its shit.....nice to hear from you they have new version and works great !! nice review



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