Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Review: Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing 6-in-1 Serum

Hair serum is a must in my regular hair care routine. I have naturally straight hair but it gets frizzy after a hair wash no matter how much conditioner i use. So i make sure to apply a hair serum to tame the frizzy hair and to give my hair that extra shine. These days i have been using the new Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Serum which i am going to review today. :)

What the Product Claims:

India’s 1st Professional 6-in-1 serum

Experience new age nourishment now with 6 BENEFITS for your hair

1. Controls Frizz
2. Adds instant shine
3. Nourishes dry hair
4. Instantly detangles
5. Smoothens rough ends
6. Protects from humidity

The perfect quick fix solution for rough, frizzy, dull, lifeless, dry, unmanageable, coarse and tangled hair. Created with a fusion of natural elements including  Avocado, Grape-seed oils & Frizz Taming Polymers – this smoothing serum works wonders for hair with its light, non-sticky texture, that doesn’t weigh the hair down.

Explore its multiple uses : 


WITH A BIOSPA SERVICE – mix few drops in the masque for extra smoothness.
AFTER A BIOSPA SERVICE – apply few drops for added shine.
BEFORE BLOW DRY – Protects from damage due to heat styling
AFTER BLOW DRY – For smoother & shinier results
PARTY STYLING – Mix few drops with your styling product for added shine.
BEFORE A HAIRCUT – to ease in detangling


BEFORE BLOW DRY – Protects from damage due to heat styling
AFTER BLOW DRY – For smoother & shinier results
PARTY STYLING – Mix few drops with your styling product for added shine.
AFTER SHOWER – Detangles hair to avoid breakage
WHILE TRAVELLING – protects from damage due to humidity 

Key Ingredients:

Avocado,Grape-seed oils & Frizz Taming Polymers

Directions to Use:

Take a small amount of product in hands and apply evenly through damp hair. Blow dry or style as desired. The serum can be reapplied throughout the day for added shine and frizz control.

Price: Rs. 275/- for 100 ml For more information about the Serum click HERE 

My Experience with Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Serum:

The Hair Serum comes in a regular transparent plastic container with a flip flop cap. It has a simple packaging but its sturdy. 

The serum is a light weight liquid with a non greasy formula that works great on the hair. You would actually require tiny amount and the result is shiny, frizz free hair. It helps in de-tangling the hair very easily and the hair feels soft and nourished post application. 

The fragrance is very mild and soothing and not overpowering at all. My hair smells nice after applying the Serum. 

The best part of the serum is that it does not weight down the hair like other Serums do. I have actually used the serum everyday to add a little shine to my hair and my hair did not look greasy or weighed down even after 3-4 days. 

I also use it before and after a blow dry and it acts as a heat protectant during the blow dry and just gives me a shiny and bouncy hair after it. I make sure to carry this around while travelling as it also protects the hair from damage due to sun & humidity.

The price of the Serum is justified with respect to the quantity offered, and a single bottle will last a long time. 

Product Swatch:

Overall i think i found my HG hair serum and would definitely recommend using this.

PS: Product sent by PR for review purpose. Please read my Disclaimer


  1. I like that it is non-greasy! It seems great for frizz control :)


  2. Hi...thnx for the review....will try this out...
    Wud love it if u dropped by my blog sometime...



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